Saturday, 7 January 2012

The beauty of being 26

I have dreaded this milestone since last May when I was 25 and a half and it suddenly occurred to me that I was nearer to 30 than 20!
Why is the big 30 such a daunting prospect? (I am predominantly taking to mid to late 20's here)
Whilst toying with the idea in my mind and reaching the usual conclusions of yet more responsibility i.e children, mortgages, pensions and the such like... I thought well... I wouldn't want to be any younger? That thought lay dormant in my mind for a couple of hours... While all aspects of my subconscious interrogated this thought... Really? I wouldn't.... and that is when I came up with the beauty of being 26.

The beauty of being 26.
Being 26 entails all kinds of greatness as you are old enough to realise that your face will not dramatically metamorph into beyonce's over night even if you pray/wish hard enough or any one else who is equal in beautness for that matter. In fact you are stuck with your mediterranean honk (cheers dad) but you are starting to actually be okay with it... Infact you are starting to like it, in all it's glorious prominence! It defines you!
What also defines you is your crows feet which are sprinkling themselves around your eyes and mouth! Each line tells a story of late night parties, overuse of sun beds and possibly other recreational activities but most of all wisdom! The wisdom you have acquired through broken friendships, broken dreams but mostly broken hearts! You wear them well and they make us who we are!
You are now old enough to realise that applying make up with a trowel, bathing in 'J Lo's glow and dressing 'scandaly clad beneath the pale nights sky' is no longer necessary - infact you're not ashamed to say you often pick comfort over what you look like! (often not always) Whilst frantically looking at your ever growing shoe collection in the morning, a comfy flat is the choice - it will make the commute/drive just that little bit more bearable.
You have become self assured, how? You are not entirely sure ... What with all the knock backs and failures weighing heavy on your shoulders, you'd think you barely had the confidence to leave the house... Yet you do and you feel yourself smiling and saying " come on if you think you're hard enough?" whatever you throw at me... I'll smash it right back, power, strength and resilience! Nothing or no one can touch you. Feels good!
You have the common sense to tell a twat a mile off (girl/boy) - why? You've been there before and frankly you don't have the time, patience or energy to bother.... You would sooner opt for a good entertainment set up or a cat called mr toggles.
You can't drink and last longer than 1am anymore (or is that just me?) mainly because your thinking about the chores you still have to do or the presentation you have to prepare for at work on Monday.
Your I.pod/I phone contains Wet wet wets " sweet little mystery" various power Ballard collections and the best of 'Go West' - you also feel the need to reenact the guitar solo from Huey Lewis & the News " The power of love" every time it comes on your ipod much to the amusement of early morning commuters... Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did? Sets me up for the day! Much more motivating than a skinny latte from Starbucks!
You class the skank piece of lettuce in your canteen sandwich as one of your five a day... But at least you're thinking about your nutritional requirements.
You have joined a gym or partake in some form of exercise as that double decker you demolished at dinner or late afternoon now takes 3 weeks of a no sugar/ carb diet to get rid of!
Hangovers are that bad you seriously contemplate suicide! You have replaced full fat cokes with 700 cups of coffee a day. It takes you an hour of staring at your sea of red emails in the morning for your mind to mentally adjust to it's environment or sometimes, even remember what day it is. Instead of dreaming about being famous now you dream about spreadsheets... If this is all ringing a bell... You're there - mid to late 20's ...Ever encroaching on the big 30.
...  But , if I learn as much and I grow as much as I have this past 10 years... Then I embrace it... Do I miss elements of my misspent youth? Sure, I miss the excitement and the carefree reckless attitude! I don't miss the insecurity of the unfamiliar... We are now finding our feet and laying the foundations ... Don't look at the past with Rose tinted specs look to the future with them... " come on then!!!"